lost lullabies
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Kaleidoscope Thoughts

This post was submitted by the lovely Maddie. She also has a blog called the Halcyon Girls. She made a mix of poetry with mood boards and a playlist. Get inspired by her amazing writing and don’t forget to follow her instagram @maddiexbryann and the halcyon girls instagram @halcyongirls.
Do not overthink your feelings. Let go and everything will happen on its own. Instead of wondering about falling in love and how it happens, enjoy the moments instead. Don’t be scared by the dauntingness of love and being in love, you will know when you know. Instead of overthinking, focus on how you feel and think right now. Your feelings don’t need to be rushed, just breathe.
“We are a beautiful constellation in the sky, magical and breathtaking. I know universe believes in us, and so do I.”
How excited you become when you get a strike in bowling makes me smile. The feeling of our hands intertwined makes me feel at peace. Looking up at the sky together, I feel something so strong. I know it is not love I am feeling right now, but I am having fun in the moment. And that is enough. I need to embrace the moment and let my emotions come as they please, all while not letting them scare me.
☾Don’t forget to check out her blog halcyongirls.wordpress.com☽
The girl from the cover photo @msanroma


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