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February Rewind

Cold mornings leading to warm afternoons. Longer days with beautiful sunsets. Styes in my eyes that made my vision blurry for weeks. Yep, a short but weird month.


✧Bitter Sweet Love – I talked about Dirty Pretty Things in my January Rewind, and this book is like a second part to that book. Again this is an erotic love poetry book so I wouldn’t recommend it to young readers. I feel like this book was kind of all over the place, I prefer the first one.


✧Aquaphor – Okay, this is very very random I know. This is an advanced therapy healing ointment skin protectant aka an ointment made by the Gods. I use this on my lips and dry patches and it leaves a baby skin touch afterwards.

✧Warmer Weather – It’s finally starting to warm up a little bit. We’ve had cloudy skies for 6 weeks probably, and finally by the last week of February it’s starting to feel like Spring!

✧Accepted to Uni – I graduated from high school on June 2016 and I’m taking a gap year right now. After much thinking about what I want to study, I finally decided to leave Film as a hobby and study Fashion Marketing and Communication. And well, this month after sending my essay and doing the interview, I got into uni!

✧Polaroids – This month I challenged myself to do all my photoshoots with my polaroid camera, and I’m very into the vintage effect that it gives to every single photo.

wea-001ASOS Shoes – Another pair of grungy boots in my closet. When I saw this pair on ASOS I just couldn’t resist, even though they look very similar to my Doc Martens.

Morris York CO Watch – I haven’t worn a watch since I was 14. I hate having things on my wrists or fingers, I always end up taking them off or breaking them. But I’ve come to a realization that I would like to control my time better. I’m not getting any younger by the second, I want to seize the moment and not waste time.

❁Use the code TERE10 and get 10% off at

Girl Power🌹- Another teenage feminist girl, what a cliche huh? Well, I prefer to be a cliche than ignorant.


☆M O V I E S☆

Hidden Figures – 10/10 movie! Seriously I don’t know how this movie doesn’t get more recognition! It shows how it was to be a black woman in the 60’s. And also my dream job since I was 4 was to work on NASA, so I was fangirling a little over the fact that those 3 women were able to work there.

Jackie – Say what you want but I think Natalie Portman deserves to win the Oscar.(I wrote this before the Oscars. Yep she didn’t win). She portraits Jackie Kennedy with such a feeling and passion that it’s difficult to see the difference between them. There are a lot of close-ups, and she nails every single one of them.

The Day After Tomorrow – I remember the first time I went to the movies to see this, I was 6. At that time I didn’t know this movie was based on global warming. A few days ago they were playing this movie on TV after lunch and I rewatched the whole thing for the 4th time. It’s simple a very good movie.

☆TV  S E R I E S☆

Riverdale – The series focuses on the death of a boy from a small town and what happens after his death. Cole Sprouse is in this series and it’s so weird to see him acting after so long, for me he will always be Cody you know?

☆S O N G S☆

✧ Time of the Season – Zombies

✧ Love – Lana del Rey

☆Y O U T U B E R S☆

Conan Gray – He’s the sweetest guy! I kept seeing his room tour in my recommendation box, and after weeks of seeing it there I just thought it was fade. All his videos are amazing, but I specially love his vlogs. He always tries to keep his videos as relatable as possible, not idealizing his life or friends, living a normal high school kid life. And well, his art is amazing!

☆I N S T A G R A M☆

@fleurilie – Her instagram is full of her art work, coffee photos and cute clothing pieces. I believe she’s my lost american sister.

@vanellimelli – She’s from Germany and she’s a fashion blogger/instagrammer. I love her vintage style, from her photos to her clothes. Check out her amazing blog, she doesn’t post that often there but her content is amazing nonetheless.

☆P O D C A S T S☆

The Messy Heads Podcasts – I’ve been following The Messy Heads for quite a while now, and this podcasts has to be one of my favorite thing they’ve ever done. I like to turn off my lights, light some candles, snuggle in my bed and start listening what they have to say about ego, self-image and nipples. My favorite one so far is Episode 1: The Concept of Perfection 


Vinyls – I got 3 more vinyls to add to my collection. Back to Black Vinyl, Amy Winehouse / Ultraviolence Vinyl, Lana del Rey / La La Land,  the Soundtrack of the movie.

Just Kids, Patti Smith – I still haven’t read the book, because sadly I have no time to read it properly. When I read this types of books I like to sit down and relax and focus all my attention to the book. Johnny Depp did a review on this book, and if he likes it I’m pretty positive I’m going to like it too.

7300 Days, Isabella Mente – Poetry books are the type of books I read on my commute. I play some classical music on my earphones while I read versos, sonetos and art. For me poetry is art, a way to express emotions in sentimental way.


Heal friendships, plan for the future – Growing up is very overwhelming. You start loosing friendships from high school and you realize you have to do something in your life other than following the routine of going to school, home and then sleep. I crave adventure, I love breaking my routine. I’ve always been “rebelious” in that way. Sometimes instead of taking the train to go to school I took the train and went downtown to a coffee shop or park to write and read about past loves. I guess you could say I’m not very good at following the rules.

Fashion Month – Spring/Summer Collection 2017 runways were this month, and I’m happy to say that I’m starting to develop more love for color. I’ve always loved color (you should see my room) but when you’re sad I guess the only color you want to see is black.

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  1. I recently also found Conan Gray’s youtube and fell in love with it exactly for the same reason as you – he does keep his life real in his videos and his art is so beautiful! Great post Tere, much love! x

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  2. Garance says

    You know you’re gonna love all the things mentioned when the ones you already know in that list are your fav! Loving your tastes!!

    Liked by 1 person

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