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March Rewind


– Just Kids by Patti Smith:  

♫ Stayin’ up for days in the Chelsea Hotel… ♫

Just Kids makes me feel so damn left out. If only I had been able to show up at the Chelsea in the early 1970s. Patti is, indeed a poet. I love her prose, her poetry and her tribute to lost loves. I love every word. I’m going to make a video talking about this book, it honestly changed my mindset, A LOT!


– Just Kids Blog Post: After reading this book I wanted to do a post related to youth. I interviewed 4 girls that I’ve met through social media. I chose these girls because every single one of them has an amazing mind. The post is kind of long but in my opinion totally worth it.

– Rosehip Oil: I bought this because a lot of people told me it helps you get read of acne scarring. I’m going to make an update after summer to tell you if my acne scarring has faded. BUT one thing that I can tell you is that after using this product for only one month my skin is SO soft and it has even out my skin tone. I think this product is going to be a life saver.



-Morris York Co. Watch:Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

You can use the coupon code ☼TERE10☼ to get a 10% off discount on


It’s a Spanish company, and you know, you gotta support your people.



– Red John Lennon Sunglasses: Even though it’s usually sunny in Barcelona all year around, I think this sunglasses look better on spring/summer. I bought them on The Beatles Store in London.



– Logan: I’ve been watching all the X-Men movies since I was a kid. My uncle has always been a Marvel fan and he always used to take me to see them. But now he lives in Greece, so I went with my mom to see the last movie of the trilogy of Wolverine. I cried like a baby. It was such a difficult movie to watch for me. I can be very dramatic sometimes, BUT I’M GROWING UP. I feel like a lot of decades are ending.

– Beauty and the Beast: Where should I start? Such a splendid magical movie. Emma Watson did such an amazing job as Belle, and thank God they didn’t destroy the movie or changed the whole plot like they sometimes do when they remake a movie.

S O N G S 



Casey has always been one of my favorite YouTubers. He stopped daily vlogging for a while, and during that time he posted this video. I think that because I’m growing up, and transitioning from being a teenager to a young adult I see thinks differently. I love being young, I love thinking that I have a whole life ahead of me and a whole world of opportunities.

This YouTuber went to jail for 5 days because of drunk driving. I really wish more countries did this. She says that she feels like a total different person after the incident, and I think that’s an eye opener for young people.



– The Messy Heads Baseball Cap: I don’t usually buy merch, but this baseball cap is beautiful. I like to protect my face from the sun, especially in Spain, but wearing sunscreen is not always the best idea so I wear a lot of hats.

– The Messy Heads Magazine: I bought issue 1 over the summer and I fell in love with the content the magazine had. I’ve always wanted to write a magazine, to create an outlet for all my thoughts and being able to share them with people who feel the same way I do, and hopefully some day I’m going to be able to create it.



– Lost Bohemian | Ep. 8: I haven’t filmed one of this in a long time and I forgot how fun they were to film/edit. I’m still learning and trying to improve my editing so I think every episode looks better than the last one.

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