Movies That Make Me Daydream

American Beauty (1999)

Let’s start with a classic. Some people say this movie is depressing, but I find it a piece of art. Like always, I appreciate good cinematography, and this film has incredible shots. The close-ups, the color scheme, and the whole plot is something you can’t find in movies nowadays.


The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Beautiful cinematography, excellent actors, sad story. This movie narrates the life of 5 sisters and what makes them want to kill themselves. I love the aesthetic this movie has. Warm colors, set in the 70s, teenage love…


Dead Poets Society (1989)

Like Robin Williams said CARPE DIEM! The scene when all the boys start standing up on their tables and say “Oh captain, my captain” always makes me emotional. And the quote Robin says “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” is something that I always try to live by. This movie has always had a piece of my heart.


Across the Universe (2007)

Such a dreamy movie. The whole soundtrack is covers of The Beatles songs. Something and Happiness is a Warm Gun are my two favorite covers. The movie occurs during the 60s in NYC, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!


The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

My favorite musical without a doubt. The first time I saw this movie I was around 6 – 7, and after watching it I asked my mom if we could buy the CD and DVD for my birthday. I used to listen to the songs and watch the movie all the time. Well, I still do.




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21 thoughts on “Movies That Make Me Daydream

      1. Agreed – the dreamers is amazing! I watched it for the first time earlier this year, just adore Eva Green. Phantom of the Opera is wonderful, I remember watching it in the Theatre, just beautiful!

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  1. American Beauty is one of my favourite films of all time! It gets such a bad rep for being depressing but I agree with you, there’s a lot of heart-felt authenticity to it! Movies that make me feel dreamy are Wes Anderson films. Particularly Moonrise Kingdom. Such a gorgeous film.

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