Donate Your Hair


So this is a very random blog post where I just want to say one thing: DONATE!

Your hair, blood, organs… It’s up to you. I’ve always wanted to donate blood but since I’m too skinny I’ve never been able to. And today, being the random impulsive girl I am, I donated my hair. I went to get a normal haircut, nothing too drastic, I love having my long hippy hair, but something got inside of me when the lady asked what I wanted to do with my hair. It just came out of my mouth, “I want to donate it.”

The lady was more than happy since my hair is very long hair in very good condition and has never been dyed. I decided to cut around 30 cm (12 inches).

The woman was smiling from ear to ear and she even thanked me. I’ll never forget how happy she was.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is do little things like this, not only for yourself but to make someone happy. I only donated hair, it’s not much, but someone needs it more than I do.



10 thoughts on “Donate Your Hair

  1. Girl I’ve done the same thing around February and I’m so happy I did – it’s one of the best feeling ever that your hair could potentially help someone. Definitely going to do it again in the future since my hair grows really fast. Great post Tere

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  2. I love your instax photos!! I remember I tried donating my hair when I was a kid but the stupid hair dresser at the time cut it right off when it was in a pony tail so I couldn’t donate it…talk about lack of communication. I was crying as I realized I grew my hair out for nothing since she didn’t measure it or anything…anyways…glad that wasn’t the case for you haha

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