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July Rewind


-And Then There Were None: My favorite book by Agatha Christie. Her books were the books that got me into literature and made me fall in love with reading. 



enthusiast by.001

-Selling my clothes on Depop: I’m going to start selling my clothes on Depop! Check out my profile, everything will be under 10€ (I’ll continue listing items through out the week)



-Sandals: It’s so weird for me to wear something that are not boots. My mom was so tired of seeing me wear boots during summer so she offered to buy me sandals, so gracias mama!




I N S T A / Y O U T U B E

-vanellimelliI’ve already talked about her but this past month I’ve really fallen in love with her photos and videos. I discovered she has a YouTube channel and I’ve watched all her videos this past month, and that says a lot since most of her videos are in German without subtitles and I couldn’t understand shit.

-sonyaesmanBeautiful girl with a beautiful soul. She sadly doesn’t make a lot of videos but the ones she has are amazing. Her Q&A’s are amazing. The way this girl can talk about any subject is amazing. And well, she is also a Gemini! She has a Russian and English channel.




-New Skin For The Old Ceremony Album: Sadly last year this great man was taken from this world, but his music will always be eternal for me. My favorite songs from this album are Is This What You Wanted, Chelsea Hotel #2 and A Singer Must Die.


-Lust For Life Album: Lana’s new album! My favorite ones are Love and Beautiful People Beautiful Problems. My favorite songs from this album are Love, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, Change and Get Free.



-Dunkirk: The first ten minutes of the movie are what really amazed me. No dialogue, not super special edits, just some soldiers trying to get into a boat. Christopher Nolan did another masterpiece. I actually saw this movie in a 70mm celluloid format and it made the experience a hundred times better.


-Baby Driver: The soundtrack is amazing! Ansel Elgort did an amazing job.

-War For The Planet Of The Apes: This movie left me empty… Not my kind of movie.

-Movie Recommendation Blog Post: I’ve made two already, you can see the first and the second one here.


B L O G 

Samera Paz: Thanks Abby for introducing this amazing blog to me.  The blog Abuela’s House is a work of art. The picture where the mother was crying in the bathroom saying: “Take my fucking picture. I want to remember this. I want to remember what he did to me” really gets to me because it brings back bad memories.



-Try-On Haul: I made a Summer try-on haul on my YouTube channel.

-Disposable Cameras: I bought two disposable cameras again! I made a blog post from the last photos I made with disposable cameras.



-Lost Bohemian, Ep.9: Another vlog. I actually edited this one differently just to try something out.

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  2. journalwithmeblog says

    Hi i just found your blog in the middle of nothing and i love it! i love the way you write/express yourself and also the photos you take! I have to say GREAT JOB! I am going to Barcelona on the 9th of August and i would love to meet to discuss art with you. I am also a portuguese youtuber (@Teresa Tuna)! Thank you for your amazing work on your blog, i am so happy that i found it! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your sweet words! I’m actually not going to be in Barcelona the 9th of August… DM on insta if you want to, so we can talk 🙂


  3. Samera is so incredible – I’m so glad you’ve fallen in love with her! I remember coming across that picture you mentioned and feeling… everything. Her work is so raw.

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