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August Rewind

What a month. When August comes around every resident from Barcelona tends to get away from the city, it’s the more touristy month of the year. Spain is one of the top 10 countries of tourism, and Barcelona is number one in Spain so you can imagine how packed the city is around this time.



– #GIRLBOSS: Okay, I LOVE THIS BOOK. The reason why it took me so long to read it was because I always saw beauty gurus with this book on their tables or Instagrams and I thought if they like it, I won’t. But since I want to start a vintage shop I was looking for some advice and I ended up reading this book, AMAZING!

– The Messy Heads Issue 3: I don’t know if this is my favorite one, it sure is the more nostalgic one. Emma’s story at the beginning is beautiful.


enthusiast by.001

– Photoshoots: I’ve been doing a lot of photoshoots this month, you can check two of them here and here.  And I have some exciting things that will start happening at the end of the year… it has something to do with modeling 😉



– Bowie Baret: Another addition to my hat collection. I’ve been a Bowie fan since I can remember, another tribute to him.


– Bikini: This has been my favorite bikini combo this year. The top is from Oysho and the bottoms are from Motel


– Kurt Cobain Sunglasses: I have them in pink and white, they make any outfit look retro.





– La Niña Morada: If you don’t know this YouTuber she is an amazing latina living in LA who makes groovy thrift hauls and short films.


– Buzzfeed Unsolved: Fun fact, when I was choosing my “future”, aka when school forces you to choose something, one of my future options was criminology.

– Claire Michelle: Not one, but two amazing videos. Just lay in your bed and listen to her talk about her life and how she is living her dream life.


– Books: I bought a LOT of books and I was thinking I should do a book haul maybe? Should I do a blog post or video?

– Meditation Pants: I bought some trousers from Princess Polly because everyone is always talking about them, and well, the quality sucks, but the trousers are beautiful but not worth the price.



– Star Sky Night Lamp: Let me tell you a story. When I was 5 I wanted to be an astronomer, it has always been my dream since I was a kid to be an astronomer. I bought stars that you would stick to your wall and they would shine at night. I would play my mixtape of all Bowie’s songs (yes, I used a walkman) and I would drift to sleep looking at the stars in my ceiling and wall while listening to Bowie talk about a Grand Control trying to talk with Major Tom. Now I’ve bought a night lamp that illuminates stars in a lot of different colors, but I also play Bowie, some things never change.



– Cerdanya: I went to the Pyrenees for 4 days, here’s the video if you want to see it.


– Ireland: As I’m writing this blog post I’m still wearing my airport clothes and have my suitcase at my door. I’m going to upload the video soon I promise, and I’m also thinking about doing a blog post about this trip, would you like to see that?

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