Film For Her ⋆ Volume II ⋆

 ⋆NONE OF THE PHOTOS HAVE BEEN EDITED, click here to see volume I⋆ 



Version 2Scan 1 (4)Version 2

My friends Lucia and Aige. Early-mid July.

Scan 1 1 (3)

July 22nd, my friend Inés and I went to a lake in Collserola. She is rolling a cigarette. 

Version 2Scan 1 2 (2)

July 26th, the first photo is a very famous Catalan restaurant called “Els Quatre Gats” where I ate that day, and then I went to see the movie Dunkirk in 70mm. God bless Cillian Murphy. 

Scan 1 1 (5)Scan 1 3 (2)

Early August. Maria and I went to Montjuïc and did a photo shoot, click here to see it.  

Version 2Version 2Scan 1 (8)

Photos of when my mom, two of my siblings, my dog and I went to the Pyrenees. And you can see in the photo that my eyes are super sensitive and they go all red and puffy very easily.

Scan 1 (10)

Me by Maria. Another photoshoot we did in her house, click here to see the photos. 

Scan 1 1 (7)Version 2

These photos were taken the day after the terrorist attack in Barcelona, my mum and I went to Las Ramblas to see all the memorials, this was one of them. 

Scan (1).jpgScan 1 (1).jpgScan.jpg

Tere has super sensitive eyes part 2. I went back to Ireland from the 23rd of August until the 30th. Ireland will always have a piece of my heart. These photos were taken in Achill Island, specifically in Keem Bay. The first photo is my favorite. 

Scan 1 (6)Version 2Version 2

Some photos I took while walking my dog one Summer afternoon. I’m so fucking blessed to be able to walk my dog every single day in this beautiful place. 

Scan 1.jpgScan 1 1 (1).jpgScan 1 1.jpg

Early September. Freya came to Barcelona and we did some vintage shopping and then we sat down in el Parc de la Ciutadella and talked for hours. 

Version 2Scan 1 2Scan 1 3

September 7th, celebrating my friend Maria’s 19th birthday. 

Version 2Version 2

September 11th, my mum’s birthday. You can see my mum opening up her present while my dog sleeps and you can see my brother Dani talking and smoking. 

Scan 1 2 (4)

Mid-September, I hung out with two girls from Ibiza who I met through Instagram.

Version 2Version 2Scan 1 5Version 2Scan 1 4Version 2

September 27th, a wild Freya and Tere having the time of their lives in The Rolling Stones concert, click here to see the blog post about the concert.

Scan 1 (3).jpg

I love this kind of photos. It’s all dark but you can see some light. A photo of a restroom in a restaurant in Barcelona.

Version 2Scan 1 (2)

October 1st, a day were Catalonia was going through a hard time. I went to the Andy Warhol exhibition. It also my Saint’s day. 

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