Who is she?

Lets start here, shall we? I mean, where do I start?

My name is Teresa Romances Vinaixa, but everyone calls me Tere.

I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I have a passion for film making, fashion, photography, painting, writing… Anything that keeps me going in life. I’ve always wanted to be a musician, but sadly I’m not very skilled in that department.

I believe I have something different to offer and it’s about time I challenge myself and show the world what that is. I love being both behind the camera and in front of it – hey, what can I say, I love capturing moments through a camera, so to be apart of it is even better.

I am always finding new ways to express myself and gather inspiration and I want to be able to share what I find with others in hopes of it inspiring them as well.

I want to create content that makes people feel things. I want to be able to make people cry, laugh, create goosebumps on their arms, connect with them… I can be very dramatic sometimes, so please bare with me.

I believe in karma, but I always doubt between “everything happens for a reason” and “if you want it go and get it”, I’m still learning about that.

So, thats it! For now at least.