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The Dreamers


”Yes, I’m drunk, and you’re beautiful. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be sober, but you’ll still be beautiful” – The Dreamers (2003)

September 13th, 2016

Everyone has already started college, but for me was still the end of the summer. I’ve just decided that I was not going to college this fall, and it was both scary and exciting. I had so many ideas on my mind, so many things I wanted to do, and going to college and sitting there 6 hours per day wasn’t one of them.

My friend Maria and I decided to do a photoshoot since neither of us had college. We ate noodles and sushi in the middle of the street, while we talked about old fashion muses.


The good thing about shooting with Maria is that you can strike any pose and she won’t think it’s weird, we kind of have the same mind.


We kept taking picture after picture, walking around the park, talking about street fashion through decades… We love to talk about fashion and things that we love, and it’s funny because we only talk about these things to each other.


And lastly it was golden hour and the sun looked beautiful. I remember telling Maria, ”Put on your glasses and walk, the sun looks beautiful behind you.” And she did, and it was the intro for my video.


Maria took some photos of me with one of my favorite books, Lolita from Vladimir Nabokov, it’s a classic.


I don’t think I’ll get over his smile. To be honest, I don’t want to.4-0034-004

Movies That Make Me Daydream #2

If you didn’t see the first part, here it is.


The Dreamers (2003)

“Yes, I’m drunk. And you’re beautiful. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be sober but you’ll still be beautiful.”

Spring of 1968, Paris. A movie of an innocent American boy who discovers the strange Europeans ways.



Pretty Woman (1990)

A 90s Cinderella story. Turning a tough subject that is prostitution into a romantic comedy. The retro lighting, Los Angeles, and beautiful clothes always captivate my mind.



Almost Famous (2000)

“Honey, you’re too sweet for rock ‘n’ roll”

Since I can remember I’ve always liked the “name” Penny Lane. I always thought I was a Penny Lane looking for her Beatle. I’ve always wanted to be someone muse and inspiration.


Dazed and Confused (1993)

Title inspired by the song of the amazing band Led Zeppelin. Retro vibes, amazing clothing and hairstyles and a quote that will always be stuck in my head.

“Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they’re gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin’ man. L-I-V-I-N.”

Yeah, it’s kind of a lame quote but the way he says it makes me laugh.



Girl, Interrupted (1998)

Two of my all-time girl crushes, Angelina and Winona. Eccentric, wild girls who are in a psychiatric institution. What the movie transmits to me is that perfectly sane people, like Susana, can become institutionalized simply because one they’re inside the system there is the assumption that something must be wrong with them.






Donate Your Hair


So this is a very random blog post where I just want to say one thing: DONATE!

Your hair, blood, organs… It’s up to you. I’ve always wanted to donate blood but since I’m too skinny I’ve never been able to. And today, being the random impulsive girl I am, I donated my hair. I went to get a normal haircut, nothing too drastic, I love having my long hippy hair, but something got inside of me when the lady asked what I wanted to do with my hair. It just came out of my mouth, “I want to donate it.”

The lady was more than happy since my hair is very long hair in very good condition and has never been dyed. I decided to cut around 30 cm (12 inches).

The woman was smiling from ear to ear and she even thanked me. I’ll never forget how happy she was.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is do little things like this, not only for yourself, but to make someone happy. I only donated hair, it’s not much, but someone needs it more than I do.



June Rewind

My birthday month, Gemini season and the beginning of summer. Let the good times roll.




– Books That I Can’t Put Down: I did a blog post and a video of some of my favorite books. I’m going to do more in the future.


enthusiast by.001

– My birthday: Yeah something that I’ve hated for such a long time doesn’t seem that bad right now. Yes, it’s a bittersweet moment but I’m very happy to be alive and to be able to grow up! So here is my last year being a teenager, I’ll continue doing all the things that us angsty teenagers do.


– Sunscreen: Please wear sunscreen! Sunburns are so bad for you, they increase your chances of getting skin cancer and damage your skin. If you live in a sunny country like me wear SPF 50!

– Bold eyes: Glitter, vivid colors, colored eyeshadow… It’s summertime, put some color in your eyes!






– 50sAnd60s:  AMAZING ACCOUNT! Everything he posts is so interesting for me. Music, history and just random pieces of things.


– Kalonazure: I wrote a blog post blog post blog post about Overcoming Negativity for their website.


– Messy Head Podcast: In this podcast she talks about home. What homes means to her, her experiences with it and how she is feeling.



I’m going to be doing a haul on my youtube channel because I’ve accumulated a lot of things this past month. It’s going to be thrift/vintage clothes, vinyl, books, art supplies…



– David Bowie: I already did a blog post of when I went but if you watch my June rewind video I guess you’ll understand why I love Bowie so much. He reminds me of better easier times and his music always makes me so damn happy.

– Concerts: No surprise there, I always waste too much money on concerts, totally worth it tho. This month I went to a Beatles and Rolling Stones concert tribute (watch my birthday vlog if you want to see some footage) and also to Joaquin Sabina’s concert.

Books That I Can’t Put Down

Reading for me is an escape from day to day life temporarily, an insight into people’s minds.  So many of my passions and interests have been triggered by something I’ve read. Reading has been one of the biggest factors in how my world view has been shaped.

Here are some of my favorite books. Books that I’ve read over and over again, every single one of them inspires me in a different way. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov (1955)

One of the most beautiful books ever written and that it’s twice as amazing because Nabakov wrote it in English (which is his second or third language).

The way Nabakov manipulates language is chillingly beautiful. Chilling. So what if half of those chills come from the creep factor of Lolita being a kid? You find yourself seduced by his words and his worldview…and then you remember that he’s talking about a kid, and you feel a little queasy. Hey, if it makes you feel, it’s art, right?



Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur (2014)

This book has changed me in many ways. Milk and Honey tore through my mind and burrowed deep into my ultra-sensitive soul. It slayed all my emotions, my feminist desires, and my love for vulnerable writing. She writes about love and loss, trauma, and femininity – subjects that I so happen to adore. This collection, while in many ways simple, addresses some of the darkest and most hopeful matters of the human heart. If you enjoy marinating in your feelings or if you often ponder topics like female empowerment, getting over heartbreak, or what it means to love, I would recommend you check out milk and honey asap.



Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë (1847)

I understand why many people hate this book. Catherine and Heathcliff are monstrous. Monstrous. You won’t like them because they are unlikable. They are irrational, self-absorbed, malicious and pretty much any negative quality you can think a person is capable of possessing without imploding. They seek and destroy and act with no thought to consequence. And I find it fascinating that Emily Bronte chose them to be her central protagonists.

Wuthering Heights is epic, in my humble opinion, because I believe that the scope of this story is monumental. Let me explain: it is a simple tale between two families that are bound in such a way that their fates are irrevocably linked. What affects one, affects the other. It’s about Catherine and Heathcliff who fall in love and how their relationship ruins the lives of those around them.


Mood Boards + Playlists


✯ Be My Baby – The Ronettes

✯ Moonriver – Audrey Hepburn

✯ Bésame Mucho – Los Panchos

✯ Donna – Ritchie Valens

✯ I’Ll Remember – Santo & Johnny



❀ Angel – Fleetwood Mac

❀ Daemon Lover – Shocking Blue

❀ Call On Me – Janis Joplin

❀ Sara – Bob Dylan

❀ Chiquitita – ABBA



☼ Dazed & Confused – Led Zeppelin

☼ Are You Gonna Be My Girl? – Jet

☼ Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf

☼ She Came In Through The Bathroom Window – The Beatles

☼ Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Doors


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David Bowie

Thursday, June 15th, 2017


David Bowie Is

an exhibition at the Museum of Design in Barcelona.


As a David Bowie fan when I saw that they were doing this I was beyond excited.



When you get there they give you a walkman that is synchronized with everywhere you go. Depending on what part of a room you’re in it plays a song, a part of an interview or maybe just background sound. Ugh, when they started playing Starman and Space Oddity I got beyond excited, my little self whose dream has always been being an astronomer was very happy.


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19 Things I’ve Learned in 19 Years

Today this baby Gemini is turning 19. What a bittersweet moment.


☆Believe in you! No one is going to believe in your dreams more than you. Don’t sabotage yourself. Believe in yourself enough to know that you’ll achieve everything you want if you put time and effort.

☆Step out of your comfort zone. The best memories are often the worst decisions.

☆You can get addicted to anything. You can get addicted to being sad, treating yourself badly, hanging out with shitty people… Addictions are hard and bad.


☆Wake up before anyone. Wake up at sunrise, your body is synchronized with Earth.

☆Take care of your friends and family. Listen to your mom, she will always be the person who has the best intentions for you. Spend time with your grandparents, they can teach you a lot and they won’t always be here.

☆If it’s not hard or makes you feel something, it’s probably not worth it.


Last day of school. May 2016

☆Be curious, ask questions.

☆Take yourself on a date, love yourself, take care of yourself.

☆Don’t idolize celebrities that only know how to pose for photos or have flawless skin all the time. Get inspired by true icons. Your favorite rock stars, painters, writers. All the woman who have fought so hard for all the little girls in this world.


☆Talk more about your feelings.

☆Sing and dance in public more often, you’ll be surprised by how many people will join you.

☆Some friendships or relationships don’t last forever, THAT’S OKAY! Don’t base all your true friendships on that idea.


☆Invest in your shoes and in a good mattress.

☆GIRL POWER. Girls are not your competition! We should always have each other back.

☆Knowledge is sexy, awesome and amazing. Don’t act stupid to look cute, because it’s not. Like one of my favorite painters said, “I’d rather die of passion than of boredom” – Vincent Van Gogh


☆Don’t try to impress people.

☆Being sad, angry, jealous, stressed… is normal. Emotions are something that comes to us by nature. It’s okay as long as you try to control them.

☆Live a life worth telling.

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